Monday, November 28, 2011

15 Birthday Party Ideas

It’s the 15th birthday party and the child feels all grown. It’s okay for the feeling to be there as long as nothing wrong takes place. If you are already getting excited about your teen’s party and you have some 15 birthday party ideas, you might as well stop. At this age, with the ‘all grown up feeling’, these teenagers want to plan their own parties, have their own crew in the party and no parents. Don’t take it personal if they inform you that you are not invited to a party happening in your own house.

Two important things while considering 15 birthday party ideas is: 1. You might have to make a fall back plan incase those wild ideas your teen had fail, 2. And you will need to keep your foot firm on the things they want or you will have wrong things in your own home.

Some 15 birthday party ideas on themes that will make your teens excited include rock concerts, in the woods theme, water falls and pools too. The problem in deciding their themes is that you need to have details about the last most rocking birthday party then take the game to a higher level. This will need help from your teenager and the friends. Some of the themes your teenagers will suggest might be so scary you will need to deny them the chance and come up with a better party or you will labeled worst parent.

Teenagers love fast foods. The 15 birthday party ideas that you should think of regarding food include a lot of fast foods. Get sodas and French fries, pizzas, and other goody bags. You can make this less tasking by letting them go buy their own food stuffs.

When you decide on a gift in your 15 birthday ideas for your teenagers, you can buy video games, designer wear, designer hand bags, and other fashionable items. You can also get them carvings, or drawings that will always remind them of their 15th birthday. The temptation to give cash to buy what they like is only good at the moment until they start complaining how other parents bought good stuff for their teens. Don’t think of that.

Get your teens their favorite cake and allow them to indulge with friends. Have some left that you can share with the rest of the family. Write encouraging words on the cake and let the teens enjoy the cake.

If your teen is the introvert type, you can organize and have a family camp with some of the friends and have a memorable birthday party at the camp. You can narrate to them their life story especially about their childhood part which they might have no idea at all. Allow them time with the friends to just unwind and enjoy their time out of the normal life schedule. Let them sleep in the same tent with friends and enjoy themselves.

Remind yourself how being 15 felt and enjoy the moment.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Memorable 19th Birthday Ideas

The last opportunity that one is presented with is usually a very important one. This is mostly because it will never come around again. Birthdays are some great times to celebrate the end of another well lived year and embrace a new year. The 19th birthday ideas for any individual are important in making a person celebrate the life they have lived all through from childhood to teenage and welcome adulthood. Well, its end of teenage life and the next birthday party you will celebrate will be entry into adult hood.

Ensure your 19th birthday ideas are cherished long enough among your memorable events. You will be 19 years only once so why not do all the things you have been procrastinating your whole life. Pick a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you have always desired to do. That’s a good starting point for your birthday plans. Remember that you cannot do everything so you will need to prioritize the things you have listed down.

The amount of money that you will need might constrain your plans so ask friends and family to chip in. Get a jeep with friends and have a get away for a week. Select a place that you will be able to do all the fun activities you have ever wanted to do. If you want to explore nature, the best place to camp is in the woods or up in the mountains or in the countryside. Ensure you can easily access the rivers and falls, the woods, and bring along your bikes, climbing hooks and any other items for the trip.

If you do not like the whole camping idea, the best 19th birthday ideas can include a spa in the day then a dinner with your gals or boys. Go shop for that beautiful dress to complete your good looks and set it aside for your birthday party. Ensure you reserve a table for all your gals and make arrangements for a sweet cake to be delivered. It will be glamorous just being with all your friends looking nice and sharing this special day together. Dance to the sweet music and enjoy every bit of the all girls’ party.

Get all your friends together for a weekend at the beach. Some great 19th birthday ideas are better implemented at the beach. Have drinks and snacks and cupcakes for the whole party and enjoy the weekend. Schedule time for swimming, boat riding and even try surfing if you have never thought about it. Form teams and compete against each other. You can race in the water and play volley ball in there. Have some music in the evening and dance around some nicely set light.

19th birthday ideas can also work well at your home. Plan with your family for a nice backyard party and dance yourselves out after a hot meal. Have barbecue and play cards or scrabble or chess. Make it rock at your own home.
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